Learning Tools

Choosing the right equipment is essential for getting the most out of your security technology. ATV makes that easy with a collection of powerful storage calculators that are readily available. Just choose a calculator and enter your data to get the answer you need.

DVR Storage Calculator

How much memory do you need for your system? Our storage calculator lets you input a few simple pieces of information and receive an accurate result. Calculate

VLD9 Series Storage Calculator

DVR Storage Calculator for models VLD904, VLD908 and VLD916. Calculate

IP Storage Calculator

Calculating IP storage requirements can be a challenge due to the many variables, from number of cameras to quality of the image. Our calculator makes it easy. Calculate

CCTV Lens Calculator

Calculating the correct lens or determining the filed of view for an existing lens can be challenging. We provide a link to a very good on-line calculator that makes it easy. Calculate