Hospital Patient Observation and Safety System

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A-Z Tech Integrators (A-Z) is a six year old systems integrator company, headquartered in Austell, Georgia with a history of providing solutions to Atlanta area hospitals involving distributed TV, paging and video security and surveillance applications.  Recently the owner of A-Z, Don Simpson – a twenty-eight year veteran of CCTV installations, was contacted by one of his hospital clients to address a unique patient and safety monitoring requirement for an Atlanta area research and rehabilitation hospital for non-ambulatory patient rooms. The hospital specializes in the medical treatment for people with spinal cord and brain injuries.

The application; due to patient privacy concerns, prevented the hospital and A-Z of actually recording the video from the patient monitoring system.  A-Z turned to Advanced Technology Video (ATV) based in Coppell, Texas due to its experience and breadth of product line to help develop a solution for this patient monitoring application.  ATV, long known for it’s multiplexer and digital video technology assisted by providing multiple 16-channel digital video recorders with the physical hard disk drives removed which prevented and solved the issue of local recording.  A-Z integrated the digital video recorders with an ATV keyboard controller to allow easy operation of the multiple digital recorders and multiple camera system.  A-Z completed the initial installation with ease, which covered six floors of the hospital.  The success of the solution is leading to continued installation opportunities for A-Z on additional floors of the 132-bed multi-floor hospital facility.

“The hospital was excited about the ability to monitor multiple patient rooms from a central location and was able to preserve patient privacy with the ATV system – one of their main concerns”, says A-Z owner Don Simpson.  System components employed for the patient monitoring application included 31 interior dome cameras – FD540VA 540TVL cameras (currently FD600EDN, 600TVL), 3 16-channel digital video reorders (FA-HDR16 series) and 2 PTZ/DVR controller keyboards (SDK162J).

Don reports, “The system installation was flawless using the proven and reliable cameras and DVRs from ATV and best of all, we have had zero complaints from the users or with hospital management”.  Don expects additional work to come from these successful integrations and highly recommends ATV as one of the best CCTV equipment manufacturers providing quality products, US-based support and affordable pricing.

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A-Z Tech Integrators, LLC Austell, Georgia

Headquartered in Austell, GA, A-Z Tech Integrators, LLC (A-Z) was established in 2010 and currently serves businesses, industrial facilities and residences throughout the southern United States.  A-Z provides a full range of paging and distributed TV as well as video surveillance systems. The owner, Don Simpson currently serves on the Low-voltage Contractor’s Licensing Board for the state of Georgia.

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ATV has been a force in the security business since 1983.  We fist established ourselves as a market leader with our breakthrough video multiplexer products.  Since then, we’ve delivered products with unmatched reliability and value to the security industry.  Today we’re stronger ever, with a complete lineup of CCTV product that set industry standard for dependability and support.