ATVision Mobile

Now, the power of ATV fits in the palm of your hand. The ATVision Mobile App is available for iPhone and Android devices, and all can be downloaded from approved third-party vendors or directly from the links below. The system allows you to make your phone a part of your security network by enabling you to remotely view a multi-page view of your cameras or a larger single camera view, position a camera, zoom in or out, and focus the camera. With ATVision, you can check security from anywhere. For use with Professional Series DVR’s ED2916, ED2808, ED2404, FA-HD916, FA-HDX16 & Value Line Series Models VLDVR4-A.

Download the app now:

Available on the iPhone App Store Available on the Android Market


  • Selecting any camera from up to 16 channels
  • The available layouts are different from the mobile device type: single-screen only for iPod Touch, single-screen and 2x2 for iPhone, single-screen to 4x4 for iPad
  • Auto-rotating screen
  • PTZ Control
  • Screen size selectable between original aspect ratio and full screen via double-tapping
  • Supporting connection using DVRNS(DVR Name Service) (DVRs should be registered to DVRNS provider in order to use DVRNS)
  • Password Lock
  • Digital Zoom
  • iOS8 Support