Software & System Updates

The following software and system updates provide the latest software and increase system functionality and performance for DVR and IP security cameras. Please contact your local regional sales manager or ATV directly if you have questions regarding the applicability of any upgrade to your surveillance system.

ModelDescriptionRelease Date
ED2916Latest Firmware Release version 1.2.007/02/2015
ED2404, ED2808Latest Firmware Release version 1.2.007/02/2015
iRASLatest Firmware Release version 3.5.506/24/2015
ATV SkyVision (Mac)Latest Software Release version 1.1.1801/23/2015
ATV SkyVision (PC)Latest Software Release version 1.1.1801/23/2015
IPSDMV122, IPSD302TWILatest Firmware Release (X1) version 1.5.305/8/2015
IPLP2TFLatest Firmware Release (T7) version 1.7.105/8/2015
IPVD3TRWI, IPB3TWI, IPVD2TW, IPVD2TRWI, IPB2TWILatest Firmware Release (T6) version 2.0.005/8/2015
NVR16PLatest Firmware Release version 1.9506/16/2015
NVR8PLatest Firmware Release version 1.9506/16/2015
NVR4PLatest Firmware Release version 1.9506/16/2015
FA-HD916Latest Firmware Release version 1.2.007/02/2015
IPMD2FI, IPMB2FI, IPMV2FI, IPFD2TI, IPVD2TI, IPB2TILatest Firmware Release (T8) version 1.5.005/8/2015
FW Update Guide for IP CamerasStep by step guide for updating firmware in IP Cameras03/01/13
ATVisionIPLatest Software version
SmartManagerNetwork Setup SmartManager version
NVR16Latest Firmware Release version 1.9.107/14/14
IPC2MPLatest Firmware Release (M-A) version A-2.2.13112/04/13
IPMC2M | IPMC2MALatest Firmware Release (T5) version 2.4.905/8/2015
IPVD2MTRI, IPB1MTI, IPB2MTI, IPCH2M43PB, IPCM2M43PBLatest Firmware Release (T4) version 2.2.505/8/2015
IPC2MT, IPFD1MT, IPFD2MT, IPVD1MT, IPVD2MTLatest Firmware Release (T3) version 2.5.005/8/2015
IPFD600, IPFDD1TW, IPSD36D1TLatest Firmware Release (T2) version 2.7.905/8/2015
IPE1CH, IPC560TDN, IPVDD1TW, IPSDMV22D1Latest Firmware Release (T1) version 3.0.201/29/14
IPSD202MTLatest Firmware Release (M-D) version D-2.2.13112/04/13
ATVision ProVersion 2.7.701/03/14
CMS for VLD4500Latest Release of CMS for VLD450007/07/11
FA-HDX16HDX Series, Real-Time H.264 16-Channel Digital Video Recorder, Firmware version 1.7.001/03/14
FA-HVR32Latest Firmware Release version 2.6.010/20/14
FA-HDR8/16Latest Firmware Release - version 1.8.506/01/15
FA-HDR4HDR Series, Real-Time H.264 Digital Video Recorder, 4-Channel, Firmware version 1.2.003/02/11
VLDVR16Value line 16 channel – firmware version 1.3.606/01/15
VLDVR4/8Value line 4 and 8 channel DVR - firmware version 1.4.406/01/15
eVideo ClientVersion 1.5.1B1531511/06/09
FA4-120/160Firmware version 1.8.109/23/08
FA-DR800/1600Falcon Digital Video Recorder, 8 or 16- channel w/CD-RW or DVD-RW, Firmware version 2.0.211/05/09
FA-XRFalcon Digital Video Recorder, 8 or 16- channel w/ DVD-RW, Firmware version 2.3.406/23/09
FA-XD9-250 & FA-XD9-500Falcon Digital Video Recorder, 9 Channel, Firmware version 4.0.105/06/09
FA-XD16-250 & FA-XD16-500Falcon Digital Video Recorder, 16 Channel, Firmware version 4.0.105/06/09
FA-DR4160/250Falcon Digital Video Recorder, 4 - channel, 160GB or 250GB hard drive, Firmware version 3.2.202/24/09
FA-DVR16Falcon Digital Video Recorder, 16 Channel, Firmware version 2.30002/09/07
FA-DVR9Falcon Digital Video Recorder, 9 Channel, Firmware version 2.30002/09/07
PVM Pro Software v3.08PVM Pro Software v3.0803/12/11
1 ips RecordingVideo Sample ~ 1 Images per Second09/15/09
15 ips RecordingVideo Sample ~ 15 Images per Second09/15/09
30 ips RecordingVideo Sample ~ 30 Images per Second09/15/09